Huge Update online!!

Finally the new update for Sketch Breaker is available! We worked hard to make this game even better, so please make sure to update your existing game or download it for the first time. You will have tons of fun with the best breaker game on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch!

Major Update!
Please welcome Twister to the gang!

So, what’s new?

You want some hard facts? So here is a list of the most important new features! (mehr …)


Advanced Gameplay

A few weeks ago we summarized here the basic gameplay mechanics of Sketch Breaker now it is time for the advanced mechanics. Maybe you can find here some hints how to improve your performance in the game…

The Power Shot

After a few levels you will unlock the Power Shot. To create it you’ll need to place your paddle a little bit in advance so it has time to charge fully. If it is charged (and has a beautiful blue glow) every ball which hits it will be a Power Shot. Power Shots are not only necessary to destroy Dry Paint but will give you more points than normal shots. You should always try to create paint explosions with Power Shots to get a maximum of points. (mehr …)


The Gameplay

Sketch Breaker is more than meets the eye but the basic game mechanics are fairly easy and unique. As you can already guess by the name of the game Sketch Breaker is based on classic games like „Arkanoid“ or „Breakout“. So you need to „destroy“ the level by handling a small ball without loosing it. But we revolutionized the formula and made „Breakout fun again“. In the following you will find a short overview of the basic gameplay mechanics of Sketch Breaker!

(mehr …)


Introducing all the goblins

The color goblins are the undisputed stars of Sketch Breaker. Each one is very charming, has a unique special ability and a favorite color. These power ups are an integral part of the gameplay and since they are so important we’ll introduce one goblin per day until the release day (which is only one week away). These are the first two: Blocko and Spocko!

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Please check out the following media channels for more goblin artworks and additional information:

FDG Entertainment – Facebook

2up Mobile – Facebook


Officially approved

We had a blast at the Gamescom in Cologne. It was great to see so many familiar faces from our past in the mobile games industry in one spot. The highlight nevertheless was to meet the nice people from FDG. They were so supportive during the development process and meeting them again in person was great! After checking out the games FDG presented at the Gamescom, we are even prouder to be a part of such a strong and diverse games portfolio. Sketch Breaker is definitely in good company! (mehr …)


2up Mobile @ Gamescom

We are more than happy to represent our game at the German Gamescom fair on Wednesday, 5th of August. Even though it is not released yet, we are looking forward to meet a lot of familiar faces of this awesome industry we are working in and to see new and exciting games!

If you are interested in meeting us you can always drop us a message on Facebook or send us a mail. You can recognize us by the Sketch Breaker shirts (yay!) we will be wearing. If you see the logo on one of us and have some questions, just talk to us.


Sketch Breaker fashion!

The day at the fair will be a welcome diversion after the long and exhausting finishing process of Sketch Breaker. We’ll see you tomorrow!



Sketch Breaker – NOW in the App Store!

This is it, our first game we worked so hard on and you can find it in the App Store for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch!

Color imps are on the loose, have fun in your studio and invade your paintings. It is your task to free these little creatures! All you need is your finger to control the magic ball by drawing directly in the paintings! Enjoy sweet graphics, awesome music by Matt Pryor, impressive color effects and innovative gameplay!

For a first impression check out this gameplay trailer!

If you are interested in the game and in us, this is the place for you. We will keep you in touch with news about Sketch Breaker!